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Google Nexus 6 won't be stocked by Three

Three won’t be stocking Google’s new phablet, the Nexus 6.

The UK network has decided against carrying the latest smartphone from the big G, and it let a querying customer know this fact on Twitter.

Drew Spencer (@slugmandrew) asked: “Are you going to be offering the new nexus 6 any time soon?”

And Three UK replied: “@slugmandrew No plans to stock that phone at the moment I'm afraid.”

The brief exchange was spotted by, and the site reckons the price could have a lot to do with the decision – and they may have a point.

The Nexus 6 weighs in at a hefty £499 SIM-free, and draws some fairly high contract prices as a result. It’s a lot more expensive than the previous mid-range pitched Nexus handsets (which Three did offer). Though it must be noted that the Nexus 6 is, relatively speaking, even more expensive in the US.

The phablet has a very impressive spec, but you pay for that. The price doesn’t appear to have deterred those who want to pre-order the Nexus 6 on the Play Store, mind you. It’s currently out of stock in the UK Play Store, with pre-orders apparently selling out very swiftly (though how much stock there was to sell in the first place isn't clear, of course).