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Windows 10 consumer features to be shown off in January

We’ve already had a glimpse of Windows 10 at the end of September, although that focused on the business side of the operating system – and what about the consumer features of Redmond’s upcoming desktop OS?

Well, Microsoft will be present at the consumer tech show CES at the start of January, but apparently the company is planning a separate press event later in January to show off the consumer preview of Windows 10.

This is according to a source who spoke to the Verge, who also said that this time around, the event would be a much bigger deal. The September unveiling was a pretty short shindig, and Microsoft didn’t even offer a live stream of the proceedings. This time around you can expect much more fireworks.

Redmond will apparently be discussing Windows 10’s revamped touch UI, and also its smartphone and tablet plans, with all devices (including the Xbox) apparently set to get a look in, given that Windows 10 is supposedly the ‘one OS to rule them all’, or at least that’s the theory.

Currently, if you want to get some Windows 10 action, you have to download the Technical Preview of the OS (an earlier build of which featured at the September event), after you sign up for the Windows Insider Program.

Thus far, we’ve seen that Windows 10 will offer considerably enhanced security (including two-factor authentication), and multiple virtual desktops, proper windows for new-style (modern/Metro) apps, new keyboard shortcuts, and quite possibly Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant who arrived on Windows Phone handsets this year).