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34 million songs on your wrist: MixRadio comes to Adidas smartwatch

Adidas has announced a partnership with MixRadio to bring the music streaming app to the sports brand’s miCoach Smart Run watch.

MixRadio allows the free streaming of playlists without the need for a subscription or advertisements across more than 31 countries.

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The service, which was formerly known as Nokia Music is owned by Microsoft and includes a catalogue of approximately 34 million songs. By making the app available on Adidas’s wearable gadget, runners will have access to their own playlists via offline syncing, meaning they can leave their smartphone at home.

Simon Drabble, director of Adidas' Digital Sports division, believes that the app provides an innovative addition to the miCoach smartwatch.

“The partnership with MixRadio adds another level to the Bluetooth wireless audio and training experience and builds on the unique training platform that miCoach provides," he said.

Only a small number of GPS smartwatches have music playback capabilities, and even those that do, like the Smart Run, usually suffer from limited storage.

There’s a major gap in the market for a cloud-based approach to music aimed at runners and athletes, which could generate a lot of interest in the Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch.

The MixRadio app is now available to owners of the wearable tech device as an over-the-air update. They will receive six months unlimited access to the service for free, before adverts are added and the ability to skip songs is restricted.

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At that point, users will have the option of upgrading to MixRadio+ for $3.99 a month.

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