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Apple Watch: Details revealed about fitness features and more

Want to know a little more about Apple’s upcoming smartwatch, which is due for release come next spring? Well, you’re in luck, because the company has updated its website with some fresh details concerning the much anticipated piece of wrist-wear.

Apple has introduced three new sections to illustrate more features in depth, including a timekeeping section which shows off the different custom watch faces which will be available on the Apple Watch.

These include a Chronograph face – which is “modelled on the very first analogue stopwatches” and gives very precise time measurements – and a Mickey Mouse watch face which, well, isn’t quite so precise, with Mickey’s giant gloved hands pointing vaguely at the numbers.

Essentially, you’re free to choose faces which present hardly any details at all, or a large range of info – and you can add “complications” to faces, an odd name for little shortcuts to apps or utilities.

9 to 5 Mac, which spotted these developments, also noted that a New Ways to Connect section has been added, which shows how you can use the device to easily connect with friends and their watches, and do things like little sketches on your watch face to be sent over to a mate (who can reply with their own sketch, should they wish).

You can also “tap” people (literally tap your screen, to generate a tap pattern they’ll feel on their wrist), and send over your current heart rate to them. The latter is a “simple and intimate way to tell someone how you feel” according to the Apple site – and definitely not a daft gimmick.

In fairness, there’s some interesting stuff here, and Cupertino has also detailed more about the health and fitness side, and how the Activity app tracks your daily activity and shows calories burned, and your total movement and activity for the day, as well as “brisk” activity (i.e. proper exercise as opposed to just everyday walking about). It also measures things like how long you’ve stood up all day, all towards the end of reminding you to get up and walk about a bit if you have a desk job.

There are several videos embedded on the site, which you can watch to give you more of an idea about the fitness applications of the Apple Watch – check them out here (opens in new tab).

Darren Allan

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