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Has the follow-up to Lumia 1020 surfaced?

The Lumia 1020 is the Windows Phone flagship which is famous for its photography chops – courtesy of a 41 megapixel snapper that provides very sharp, good quality pics – but it was some time since that was released now (we reviewed it way back last July).

When Redmond announced that it was ditching the Nokia name, and making the handset range Microsoft Lumia, some folks hoped that a Lumia 1020 super-camera-toting successor would be the first handset out of the stable – but it turned out to be a budget Windows Phone offering instead.

Still, there’s hope for those wanting a follow-up to the Lumia 1020, as some leaked pics have been spotted which supposedly show this handset – or an early prototype version of it.

The pics originate from a Chinese auction website (spotted by Uber Gizmo), and they show a chunky 1020-style handset with a large camera on the rear as you’d expect, decked out in silver.

While it looks genuine enough – though given the somewhat dodgy source, it could be fakery – this might be another Lumia handset which has been canned, Uber Gizmo notes, namely the “McLaren” 1020 successor, which was allegedly cancelled this past summer.

This prototype was supposedly going to utilise Kinect-style gesture recognition, but was abandoned by Redmond – all of this is deep within the realms of speculation, mind. Who knows what we’re really looking at here, but the fact is Microsoft will have to get its skates on when it comes to confirming a new Lumia photographic champion, as the Windows Phone user base is starting to get impatient.

Image Credit: via Uber Gizmo