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iPad Pro will have 12.2in display and be 7mm thick

The iPad Pro may not be quite as large as the rumour mill first thought – at least according to the latest speculation which has been brought to light.

As you’re probably aware if you’ve been following our iPad stories, previously it was believed that the Pro version – which is aimed at businesses and productivity users – would be a 12.9in device.

However, the most recent gossip from last month (courtesy of the Economic Daily News of Taiwan, which claimed Apple may be dropping the iPad mini when the Pro version emerges) said the tablet would be a 12in slate.

And now, Japanese site Macotakara (via C-Net) says that the iPad Pro will be a 12.2in tablet – so it’s looking increasingly likely that it will essentially be a 12in slate rather than a 13in model.

That makes sense to us, as having a 12in (or 12.2in) display will make the thing more compact and easier to carry around – plus Macotakara believes the iPad Pro will also be a svelte device, around 7mm thick, so portability is evidently still an important issue. Albeit it won’t be as thin as the current iPad Air 2 (pictured above) which shaved itself down to a rather incredible 6.1mm.

The iPad Pro should, theoretically, arrive next spring, unless the grapevine has got things horribly wrong. Apple certainly needs to do something to help stem the slide of the iPad, which has been on the wane all year, and a fresh model should help buck things up – and carve further into the enterprise market, of course. That’s an area where Apple increasingly has its sights set…