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Mobile cloud market will hit $47bn by 2019

The mobile cloud market is due for some major growth over the next half a decade, at least according to the latest report on the matter.

The Mobile Cloud Market by Application & By User: Worldwide Market Forecast and Analysis (2014 – 2019) – deep breath – report from Research and Markets (spotted by Cloud Times) shows that the global mobile cloud market for apps will grow from an already considerable $9.43 billion (£6 billion) this year, to $46.9 billion (£30 billion) come 2019.

That’s not too surprising given the current rate of increase in the numbers of tablets and smartphones, and of course the increased use of software on such devices (with phones leaning more towards phablets, and larger screens which are more suitable for using apps).

The report notes: “Today, the smartphone and tablet has moved on from chiefly being related as a mere device for communicating. The in-build augmented features in the mobile device complemented with robust network connectivity have redefined the mobile cloud space.”

“The increase in need to have continual access to the cloud, and the predominance of several mobile apps developed through the highly accomplished HTML5 technology has additionally fostered growth in this market.”

The increased need for online connectivity via mobile devices these days has social networking to thank for on the consumer side, of course, but the report also observes that from the point of view of the business, it’s vital to remain constantly connected with customers, vendors and suppliers alike.