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How to take a great selfie

I think it's fair to say that selfies have fast become an integral part of daily live here on planet Earth. In 2013, the term "selfie" was added to the the Oxford online dictionary and has since gone from strength to strength, epitomised by the widespread hysteria following Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded snap at this year's Oscars.

There is now a huge amount of pressure when taking a selfie (imagine only getting three 'likes' on Facebook!) so, to help relieve some of the pressure, here is a step by step guide on how to take the selfie of your life.

Know your Good Side & Bad Angles

Everyone has bad sides but the good news is that you can downplay your less flattering qualities with a couple of tricks while photographing yourself. For instance, take the selfie from slightly above to make your face appear slimmer.

Good Light

The perfect selfie always needs to be shot in natural light. Stand next to a window to give your snap a soft natural look while eliminating the dreaded shadows underneath the eyes.

Filter It

If taking selfies with your smartphone (probably the majority), apply a filter either in Instagram or a different photo editing tool. These artistic filters can assist in softening angular features and complexions that are not so perfect.

Don’t Be Too Serious

Never take your self too seriously. Selfies should never appear like you were trying too hard. Instead, it should look as if you casually snapped the photo, like it was an impromptu decision. No-one else will ever know and you'll look like a movie star.

Stage It

Choose a good location for your selfie. Take the photo with the background in your mind. A stunning location such as a waterfall, stone archway or field of flowers is bound to ramp up those Facebook 'Likes' and guarantee your place in the selfie hall of fame.

Do Something Interesting

Don’t just stand there and take a selfie just like the hundreds you’ve seen before. Make your photo interesting! Put a puppy on your head, painting your face, do whatever you want! But whatever you do, do something a bit different.

Don’t Overdo It

Posting a new selfie every few hours is downright annoying and will quickly serve to alienate your social media following. So keep it down to a minimum but, as mentioned previously, when you do post a picture, make it an interesting one.

Image Source: Twitter/@TheEllenShow