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Victoria's Secret bra will raise your heart rate...and track it too

Wearable tech is an industry that has started to gain serious traction towards the end of 2014 and is most definitely one of the trends we'll see rising hard in 2015.

After the introduction smart wristbands and various chest straps, Victoria's Secret has now created its first smart bra – a sports bra with built in electrodes that monitor the wearer’s heart rate.

The bra, priced at $75 (£48), is designed with fitness in mind and at this moment comes in two colours: pink (Hello Lovely) and black (Black Marl). It's made out of Body-Wick fabric to keep the wearer “cool and dry,” according to the Victoria's Secret online shop.

To use the bra, the user first needs to moisten the electrode areas on the inside of the bra band, and then attach the heart rate transmitter to the hook-ups on the front side of the bra.

The data can be transferred to a “compatible” device to retrieve the results, although it’s not yet mentioned which devices are compatible with the bra.

A big issue with all smart clothing technology is how to wash it without destroying it. The Victoria’s Secret online shop says that the bra can be machine washed.

Wearable tech is expected to become the dominating trend until 2018, with a report by Juniper Research predicting that over 70 million devices will be in-use by consumers. The use of fitness wearables specifically is expected to more than treble in the same time period.

Analysts Gartner also said recently that smart garments are the wearable tech with the “highest potential for growth” when compared to other devices such as smart wristbands or watches.

Fitness wearables, however, still need a significant push in funds by the big tech companies, such as Apple with its HealthKit, Google with Google Fit and Samsung with S.A.M.I.