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Apple Watch sales predicted to soar in 2015

Right now, the fitness band is king of the wearables market, and smartwatches haven’t been very popular thus far. However, all that’s expected to change next year, with analysts predicting that the Apple Watch will help to boost the smartwatch higher in the collective consumer consciousness – and to simply make the things more desirable.

There have been a number of analysts attempting to put a figure on the quantity of smartwatches Cupertino will shift when the Apple Watch launches next spring, and the latest is UBS, which reckons that 24 million of the devices will be sold over the course of 2015.

The forecast, spotted by MacRumors, was worked out by UBS using numbers of Apple Watch compatible iPhones out there, and projections of future iPhone sales, in conjunction with data drawn from a survey about smartwatches in general. The latter was conducted across four countries and 4,000 people, with 10 per cent of respondents saying they were “very likely” to buy a smartwatch in the next year, and 17 per cent were “somewhat likely”.

UBS noted: “That is a three-fold increase vis-à-vis the 386 respondents claiming to already own a smartwatch and a four-fold increase if we assume that around one-third of the currently owned smartwatches are actually fitness bands.”

That said, the analyst firm found the Samsung Gear to be the most popular device when it comes to prospective buyers, ahead of the Apple Watch, but it expects that will change when Cupertino’s device is actually launched.

Of course, it’s still very early days to be making predictions like this, and early reviews and issues like how battery longevity ends up (this has been a sticking point, by all accounts) will likely affect consumer views of the Apple Watch.

Apple has plenty of time to further gear up its hype machine, mind you, and as we reported yesterday has started doing so, with the introduction of three new sections on its website detailing various Apple Watch faces and features.

Darren Allan

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