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Daily deal: Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi E-reader £89.00

Incredibly Curry's has Amazon's flagship E-reader for less than the online retailing giant themselves. The Kindle Paperwhite is currently listed at £89.00 on Curry's website with a saving of £21.99, not too bad for an ITProPortal Best Buy awarded device!

With the Kindle Paperwhite you get a device that measures 117 x 169 mm (W x H) and is just a fraction over 9mm thick. The device has a soft rubberised finish that gives it a comforting level of friction when you hold it, and weighing in at 206g makes for a great reading experience. Similarly you get a 6" screen with 212 ppi display to read your books, whilst not the most eye-bleeding sharpness will still give you nice defined edges on the characters displayed.

One of the more subtly brilliant features of the Kindle Paperwhite is the backlight which somehow manages to not have the blooming on the edges of the screen that most back-lit devices have. Also Amazon has made the device so that the light is projected onto the screen rather than on to your face, dramatically reducing eye-strain when you just can't put a book down.

This version comes with 802.11 b/g/n business-as-usual wireless, a version with 3G is available if you really need that level of connectivity. Our review notes how fast the Paperwhite feels and Amazon has reduced the frequency of full-page screen refreshes to every six page turns.

The version on offer has 4GB of internal memory with no option to expand, but that 4GB is roughly 2,000 books so it's unlikely that you'll find the limited storage too much of an issue. However what may be an issue is the device's lack of Audiobook support, and by the same measure lack of any audio support, so you have find the device to be just another piece of tech you keep in your bag due to your irrational fear of boredom.