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Will the LG G4 have a 4K display?

After the storming release of the LG G3 earlier this year, the phone has topped many “best of 2014” lists. e. LG enthusiasts wait with bated breath for the next version. What can we expect from the South Korean (no, not that one) manufacturer next year?

Designer Rishi Ramesh has turned his focus on the LG G4. His design features a near-bezel-less 4K display, an upgrade from the LG G3’s already world-leading 2560 x 1440 resolution.
Naturally the phone will run Android Lollipop 5.0, the LG G4 has a wide face and although it has physical buttons on the rear, they are not so obvious. Unless someone is familiar with the phone or they are looking for the buttons, they will hardly notice them.

The concept has dual camera units. The 16MP rear camera has 4K video capability and it comes with a laser sensor, a double tone flash and optical image optimisation. The 5MP front camera with HD video capture has been designed for socialising through sharing videos and pictures

Less outlandish are the internal specs Rishi has predicted for the device: a3300 mAh battery, 5.7-inch 4K display, Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor 2.7GHz, 3GB RAM, and built-in storage of 32GB or 64 GB which can be expanded to 128GB through MicroSD card.

If Ramesh’s concept is actualised, this device will be the first one in the smartphones race to feature a 4K display resolution