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Firefox 34 arrives with default Yahoo search in US

A new version of Firefox has emerged, and the web browser has made the switch from Google to Yahoo for its default search engine – at least over in the States.

Mozilla made its intentions to switch known just a couple of weeks ago, so the move has come through pretty swiftly.

Top of the release notes for version 34.0.5 of Firefox, which was pushed out yesterday, Mozilla declares: “Default search engine changed to Yahoo for North America”.

Other territories will follow…

Yahoo has promised to deliver an “enhanced search experience” in its deal with Mozilla, and it will be providing search for Firefox almost through to 2020, with the companies having signed a five year agreement.

Certain Russian locales along with Belarus and Kazakhstan have also seen a change of search engine, but to Yandex in their case.

American users who aren’t keen on Yahoo (or indeed Russians who feel similarly about the switch to Yandex) can of course always change the search bar back to being Google-powered – it’s just that the default is now Yahoo.

The new browser also sees the introduction of Firefox Hello, a real-time chat tool that lets you chinwag with other Firefox users. The usual raft of tweaked features and bug fixes are present, too.