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Russia blocks Vimeo due to ISIS video

Russia has temporarily blocked access to the video sharing site Vimeo, after the site failed to remove a propaganda movie made by the radical group Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIS).

Russian prosecutors sent the ban request to the Russian regulatory agency Roskomnadzor, which then ordered Russian internet service providers to block the access to Vimeo.

The video, called “Flames of War”, is a 55-minute long clip that shows images of explosions and clips of speeches from American presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush and is narrated by a man with an American sounding accent.

Since last year, Russian prosecutors can ban any material they find “extremist”, without a court order and have so far used that right to block 512 websites, since February 2014.

In the meantime, Vimeo has removed the disputed video, as well as the one minute long trailer for the same movie.

Russian authorities didn’t say how long the ban would last, or if it would be lifted when Vimeo remove the “extremist” clips.

ISIS is an extremist group that is very active on the web. It regularly posts videos and comments around the net, and has prompted responses from different countries and social media sites.

Youtube and Twitter both banned ISIS related videos, after which ISIS moved to Diaspora, a decentralized network that found it very hard to block ISIS content.

After the murder of photojournalist James Foley, Diaspora also moved to block their content, but has emphasised that it would take much longer than other networks.