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Sony’s secret crowdfunding strategy

A secret project by Sony exceeded its $17,000 (£10,800) initial objective on Makuake, a Japanese crowdfunding website.

Sony secretly set up the project in September to record and analyse the demand for electronic paper devices, in particularly watches. The project was placed on the Japanese website under the name Fashion Entertainments. The page did not give a single clue that it could be associated with Sony.

The FES (Fashion Entertainments) watch concept was developed by Sony in partnership with design company TAKT PROJECT. The flagship item is a smartwatch that has been designed to use solely electronic paper . The watch displays the time and other relevant information (such as texts or emails) when motion activated. The watch comes with 24 display pattern options for the strap and watch face.

“We wanted to test the true value of this product, to see whether people would go for our concept and that is why we hid Sony’s name”, said a spokesperson close to the project.

In the first three weeks of the project, it had already amassed more money than its preliminary goal of £10,800. By November 30th, the project had raised more than £12,800.

Despite the project’s success Sony is yet to announce the release date for the e-paper watches. However, 150 people who participated in the crowdfunding project will receive their watches around May next year.

Other Sony e-ink products in the making include; hat accessories, paper holders, and bow ties.