Skip to main content’s Puls smartwatch available now for $399’s foray into the world of wearable technology got a step closer today, after the price and availability of his Puls “computer on your wrist” was confirmed.

The device will have a price tag of $399 (£254), but is not available on general release, with potential owners having to apply online.

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"We would love for everyone to have a Puls," the application page reads. "But we want to make it great before doing just that."

In order to get your hands on the gadget, you need to explain how you will use your Puls, in a maximum of 80 words. Applicants can also upload a 20 second video if they wish.

According to Wareable, a second generation Puls watch is expected to be released in early 2015 and will be available in two versions. The first is likely to remain faithful to the prototype model, while a more fitness-orientated device is predicted to be offered by both O2 and AT&T.

To generate some buzz around the device, has shared a video of himself demoing the product. Using a combination of voice and gesture controls the Black Eyed Peas rapper is shown listening to music and using a small keyboard to send and receive text messages.

The Puls’ voice recognition is handled by AneedA and allows the user to dictate a tweet to the smartwatch, which is then posted online. Although the video does show AneedA making a couple of minor errors compared to the tweet that intended to send, in general the software works well enough that users are unlikely to be pining for Siri or Cortana too much.

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Consumers interested in owning the Puls smartwatch can apply online here.