Firefox browser might soon be coming to iOS

You can grab yourself the Firefox mobile web browser on Android, but not on iOS, thanks to Mozilla not wanting to bow down to Apple’s restrictions when it comes to using approved code (Firefox devs want to use their own web engine with the browser – but that’s a no-no for Cupertino).

Although that could all be about to change, at least according to TechCrunch, which reports that Jonathan Nightingale, Mozilla’s VP for Firefox, has said that the company wants to push for a presence on iOS.

Furthermore Lukas Blakk, Mozilla Release Manager, tweeted: “We need to be where our users are so we're going to get Firefox on iOS”.

Responses to this ranged from “about time”, through to Mozilla is “selling out again”. Oh, and also a lone cry from a Windows Phone user asking why the browser hasn’t officially been brought to Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Exactly how Firefox will be implemented on iOS given Apple’s restrictions, and how long this will take to come to fruition, are all good questions without any answers at this point.

Other big changes are afoot with Firefox, and as you may have seen yesterday, at least over in the US the browser switched its default search engine from Google to Yahoo as part of a new five-year deal with the latter.