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Gmail now allows one-click editing of Microsoft Office docs

Gmail now allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents in your inbox directly with a single click, and a minimum of fuss in general.

Google Drive announced this fact on its Google+ account (spotted by The Verge), stating: “With just one click on the new edit icon in Gmail attachments, you can automatically convert Office documents – giving you the additional benefits of a single document to keep track of, access from anywhere (even offline!), and revision history.”

The feature is now live, and if you go to an email with an Office doc attachment, and hover over it, you’ll see the new edit icon – a little pen next to Save to Drive – which allows you to “Edit with Google Docs”.

Click it and Gmail fires up the document under Google Docs, with the cursor blinking at the ready, waiting for some editing action (that sentence may just make it sound a little more exciting than the feature actually is – manage your expectations appropriately).

Previously, of course, all you could do was save the doc out to Drive or your hard disk, or click on it to view a read-only preview (which you can still do, of course).

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