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Google Glass 2 set for 2015 release

Even though Google Glass is a product that’s always been under a lot of scrutiny and banned from public places more often than not, internet giant Google is determined to make the on-eye display a consumer hit.

But that’s never going to happen with the first edition of Google Glass, which is why the American company has teamed up with the semiconductor giant Intel and will unveil the second version, Google Glass 2, in 2015.

So claims Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the matter”.

When in 2015 the device will arrive is unclear, although Google’s I/O conference that takes place in June is a good possibility.

An Intel chip will replace a processor from Texas Instruments Inc. included in the first version of Glass and Intel plans on promoting the product to companies such as hospital networks and manufacturers, while developing new workplace uses for the device.

According to the WSJ, Google will be addressing the power consumption issues of the first version of Google Glass: "it isn't clear what Intel chip Google will use in the new version of Glass, but there will be an emphasis on power conservation".

Google will also be counting on Intel’s promotional strength, says PC Advisor. We can expect the new Glass to focus on businesses, but still search for new ways to push the product into the consumer market.

There’s been no word on the price just yet, but it isexpected to be less expensive than the first version. Google Glass Explorer Edition in the UK costs £1000.