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South Staffordshire College gets a communications revamp

Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) and Midland Telecom have announced that they’ve been chosen to upgrade the communications infrastructure of South Staffordshire College (which has some 10,000 students and 900 staff).

The pair will provide the college’s five campuses with a full unified communications suite which encompasses mobile conferencing, web collaboration, along with support and maintenance.

Specifically, the all-in-one solution that South Staffordshire College has plumped for is Unify’s OpenScape Business, and Midland Telecom will be helping to upgrade to the new system from the existing HiPath 3000.

Unify notes that the new system will provide a standardised infrastructure, greater flexibility in terms of teaching and assessment, better staff and student productivity, and naturally enough cost savings. It’s also fully scalable to meet future needs.

Ian Bullingham, Sales Director at Midland Telecom, commented: “Students today expect a seamless communications experience that keeps them connected to the things and people that matter to them. Enabling South Staffordshire College to provide this type of experience to its students and staff will no doubt give it an advantage in the fiercely competitive tertiary education space. We are excited to help South Staffordshire College on its ongoing innovation journey.”

Tony Smith, sales director, indirect channel, Unify, added: “OpenScape Business can deliver the resilience, flexibility and scalability to support the education sector’s drive to find new ways to work.”