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New software allows the visually impaired another employment avenue

Meeting the needs of employees to access systems is an important consideration for any modern business. Now, cloud-based call centre systems provider TCN (opens in new tab) is making its technology accessible for the visually impaired.

Its Platform 3 VocalVision product is optimised to work with Job Access with Speech (JAWS) technology and allows visually impaired call center agents to effectively navigate TCN's cloud-based contact center suite, helping to improve agent productivity while also creating new employment opportunities for the visually impaired.

"We’ve been impressed with TCN's VocalVision cloud-based phone service. They have been very willing to customise the solution to meet our employee's accessibility needs. So, our employees like the system and its ease of use.

"It has enhanced the level of service we can offer our customers through its call recording and time reporting capabilities," says Jim Kerlin, president and CEO of Beyond Vision.

"In the future, we plan to use the system to measure and report productivity and utilisation metrics, just as we do in our manufacturing environment".

JAWS assists computer users whose vision impairment prevents them from seeing screen content or being able to operate a mouse. VocalVision helps the agent navigate Platform 3.0's workflows via hot keys that use JAWS functionality during both incoming and outgoing calls, while audible tones signal the connection of an incoming call.

Standard features of VocalVision include handling incoming and outgoing calls, agent dashboard along with reporting and call analytics. It works without any need for complex, specialist hardware.

"TCN has always been committed to providing customers with the most advanced call center technology," says Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN.

"We are excited to bring Platform 3 VocalVision to the market to meet the needs of the visually impaired community and open new doors for employment".

More information on Platform 3 VocalVision is available on the TCN website (opens in new tab).

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