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Fitbit and Jawbone combine forces

Do you use the Weight Watchers app and have a Fitbit or Jawbone activity tracker? In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that Weight Watchers has hooked the two up, integrating their software with these pieces of fitness hardware.

This move was first made in the States and announced mid-September, but now the integration is available to UK Fitbit fanatics, Wareable spotted.

It means that the activity measured by your Fitbit (or Jawbone) will be automatically sent over to the Weight Watchers app and converted into activity PointsPlus. The latter can be swapped for extra bits of food on your diet plan – the more you exercise, the more calorie intake you can have and still lose weight, of course.

Weight Watchers called the integration a “significant move” and said that more popular fitness devices will be supported soon enough.

Gary Foster, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Weight Watchers, commented: “Losing weight and keeping it off is best achieved by focusing on both eating and activity, and most of us need skills and support to do both. Weight Watchers helps people make better food decisions, and devices and apps monitor activity. Integrating them can equip people with an ideal combination of resources to achieve their goals.”