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Daily deal: Kindle Fire HDX 16GB 7" Tablet for £100

Today we've found the Kindle Fire HDX 16GB 7" tablet from Argos for just £100! Amazon positioned the tablet to compete with the Nexus 7 and other budget tablets like Tesco's hudl, so without further-a-do lets see exactly what you'll be getting for your hard earned cash.

The screen rivals the Nexus 7's 1,920 x 1,200 resolution display but the Kindle Fire HDX has a polarising filter that reduces glare, so if you're out and about (or going somewhere nicer this Christmas) you'll be able to view the screen better. The Kindle Fire HDX display has a pixel density of 323 which is just under the iPhone 5's retina display, basically what I'm saying is that what you watch on the HDX will look sharp, crisp and incredibly bright. Amazon talked a big game about the Kindle Fire HDX's screen brightness and although the luminosity matches that of the tablets rivals it's not a "killer feature".

Amazon's tablet runs a heavily modified version of Android imaginatively dubbed "Fire UI" and you don't have the full range of Android apps, instead you have to use the apps that Amazon decide to sell on it's app store. Whilst there are enough apps that do the basic things you want a tablet to do, you may be put off by the lack of versatility e.g. no Chrome broswer. However the Kindle Fire HDX does have "Mayday" tech support; at the push of a button you can talk to a real human being who'll be a real hero and answer any queries about the device.

We've got a ton of spec comps for the Kindle Fire HDX 7" so check them out if you're interested in seeing how the tablet compares to the Apple iPad Mini, or the Nexus 7, OR you could just read our review.

You can get the deal from Argos here.