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Undo your email errors with Google Inbox app

It's happened to the best of us: You send an e-mail containing among other things, the dreaded words "see attached," yet you forgot to attach a file. Or you start typing a name in the recipient box and click the first one suggested, not knowing you’re sending your email to the wrong person - until it’s too late.

Google Inbox, a new email app pledging to revamp the way we handle emails, will get an “undo send” option in a future update, a Google Inbox engineer unveiled during an AMA on Reddit.

The Googler, identified as Taylor K, said the company planned two major features for the Google Inbox app, but they weren’t finished in time for launch so users will have to wait for a patch.

Those features are the undo send option, and the cross-browser support. At this time, Google Inbox is available exclusively on Chrome.

When asked which features were planned, but not yet ready, the engineer said: “For me it’s a tie between Undo Send and cross-browser support. Both are being worked on but just weren’t ready in time for launch.”

Undo send will be available soon, he said.

That option is already available for Gmail users on the web, through the Google Labs. To enable Undo Send, open your Gmail account and go to Settings > Labs > Undo Send > Enable.

Next goal - stopping those drunken SMS messages sent to ex's around the world. Surely there's an app for that?