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Google launches Device Assist app for DIY fixes

Google has launched a new application providing Android users with hints, tips and improved access to customer support.

The Device Assist app is available now from the Play Store and is compatible with all Nexus, Google Play Edition and Android One devices running Lollipop.

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The feature will notify users if any settings may be negatively affecting the performance of their device, such as if the display’s brightness level is draining the battery.

Those of you with the latest iteration of the Android operating system will also be able to experience a series of tips including how to lock the screen to a specific app and restricting when notifications appear.

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Device Assist app is the improved customer support service. Users can now simply press a button to contact Google Play support, and then decide whether to request a call back, or send their device’s statistics to Google so it can diagnose any potential problems.

This could result in a significantly quicker and more straightforward troubleshooting process, particularly if the app is able to diagnose more subtle software issues.

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The app is currently only available in the US, but as with the majority of new software releases, if it proves successful, it’s unlikely to be long before it receives a worldwide launch

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