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Highlights of the Yotaphone 2 launch event

In case you missed it, the Yotaphone 2 smartphone launched in Europe yesterday with an event attended by over 300 people at London's Old Truman Brewery.

Now I know what you might be thinking: "Great, not another smartphone." But this one is a bit different to the other devices out there at the moment. This smartphone has two touchscreen displays, one on each side.

The primary display is a HD AMOLED screen to be used for your standard everyday use such as social networking and playing games, whereas the secondary screen is for quickly checking all the less important info and apps, thereby saving battery by not having to fire up the main display.

Yota CEO Vlad Martynov said: "We believe our technology constitutes an entirely new species of mobile device, not just by integrating a power efficient electronic paper display but by making two screens work in harmony."

Yota has also championed some of the phone's other key features, such as: YotaEnergy, a power-saving mode that is applied when battery life drops to 15 per cent; YotaMirror, enabling the use of any Android app on the secondary, Always-On display and YotaSnap, where you can grap an important piece of info from the primary display and preserve it on the secondary screen.

Check out the video for the highlights of last night's Yotaphone 2 launch event.