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Microsoft Office 365 gets new 2015 support partner

Data recovery outfit Spanning is planning on launching a Microsoft Office 365 backup and recovery tool relatively early on in 2015, the company’s CEO Jeff Erramouspe has revealed.

Currently, the Software-as-a-Service backup tool is out for Google Apps and Salesforce among others, but it will be introduced to Office 365 at some point during the first half of next year, or at least that’s the current plan.

Spanning has rivals in this field, of course, and speaking of one of them, he told TechRadar Pro: "Cloudfinder does a great job on the backup side. But we do a better job on the restore side for Office 365."

Erramouspe has previously made noises about this product, and had said it was likely to be out before the end of 2014, but obviously things have slipped a bit since that chatter back in the summer.

Plenty is happening at the company, because at the end of October, Spanning announced it had been acquired by EMC, to be the foundation of EMC’s “born-in-the-cloud” data protection strategy.

Talking about the acquisition at the time, Erramouspe said: “Joining forces with EMC validates our business and products as among the best for cloud application backup and recovery. This move provides the best of both worlds – the freedom to continue as Spanning while, at the same time, gaining a huge advantage in the marketplace through EMC’s sheer scale.”