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Britain's Beer Alliance turns to Twitter with #BeerMatch campaign

If you haven’t heard of ‘There's A Beer For That’, well, it’s a campaign that aims to rekindle the UK’s love of beer, and it has taken to social media to help promote itself.

The £10 million promotional campaign is set to take to Twitter with its #BeerMatch service. The idea is that rather like a certain wine goes with certain foods, the same is true of beer, and drinkers can find their perfect match for a meal using the service.

All they have to do is tweet @BeerForThat with their chosen dish, along with the hashtag #BeerMatch, and within seconds apparently they’ll be provided with a recommended beer to go with that meal.

Whether or not they’ll be able to buy that exact recommended ale is another question – but it’s certainly a nice idea for those fond of their beers. Apparently the #BeerMatch database currently boasts 950 beers and 840 meals, with more being added on a weekly basis.

The matches come via a Twitter card to allow for more details and tasting notes than a mere 140 characters would allow, and the suggested matches are all derived from fully qualified beer experts and writers, including the likes of British Beer Writer of the Year Will Hawkes.

There's A Beer For That has also announced a partnership with BuzzFeed in order to produce “engaging native advertising content” for the latter’s 16 million monthly users, with articles revolving around beer (naturally).

The first article, 'What does your beer style say about you?', has apparently received over 17,000 views. Further articles coming this month include '12 amazing things you didn’t know about beer' and '15 weird and wonderful places to have a beer in Britain'.

Louise Doherty, Digital and Social Manager for Britain’s Beer Alliance, commented: "We want to inspire people to ask more questions about beer, starting their own journey of beer discovery and connecting with like-minded beer lovers along the way. Our role is to get the wealth of beer expertise that already exists in the industry out to those who want to know more about their beer, in a way that’s simple, compelling and shareable.”