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Google reports overwhelming media dominance

Industry estimates have confirmed the extent to which Google’s revenue dwarfs that of even its biggest competitors.

While Google coming out on top is not likely to come as a surprise to anyone, the gap between the search engine giant and its rivals is substantial.

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Based on company filings analysed by BI Business Intelligence, Google’s 2014 revenue stands at $70 billion (£45 billion), more than double that of Time Warner, which posted figures of $30 billion. Facebook, meanwhile, had an estimated revenue of $18 billion, while Yahoo expects to bring in $5 billion.

To put Google’s figures into perspective, its revenue totals nearly half the money made from TV advertising worldwide, which stands at $174 billion.

The search engine giant makes the majority of its money from advertising, although the company did generate some of its revenue through hardware manufacturing after it acquired Motorola Mobility. With Motorola having now been sold to Lenovo, it is estimated that more than 90 per cent of Google’s revenue now comes from advertising.

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The figures were announced at the latest Ignition conference, where Business Insider’s CEO Henry Blodget announced that “there is one law in media: money follows eyeballs,” and judging by Google’s revenue figures, it’s a statement that’s hard to argue with.