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SmartStop wearable promises different approach to quitting smoking

There are a number of ways in which smokers can attempt to kick the habit these days, including the ever more prevalent (and controversial) e-cigs, but there’s a new invention on the horizon in the form of an anti-smoking wearable.

SmartStop is a band that’s being developed by Sagentia and Chrono Therapeutics, and it’s claimed to be the “world’s first programmable and wearable nicotine delivery device”.

The wearable offers what’s called transdermal nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), which the makers claim is a far more elegant solution than the constant stream of nicotine provided by patches.

The band is worn 24 hours a day, and it identifies the cigarette craving patterns of the wearer, and then delivers its doses of nicotine to come at those times – thereby ensuring the maximum chance that the cravings don’t get bad.

The SmartStop band also uses Bluetooth to communicate with a support app which provides “real-time guidance to help smokers cope with cravings and quit for good”.

Sagentia is working on the hardware and now pushing to miniaturise the device as it comes towards the release date (which is as yet still unspecified). The finished band is expected to be very small and light – which it has to be really, as it’s worn constantly – and it’s expected to be a low-cost anti-smoking gadget.

Alan Levy, PhD, CEO of Chrono Therapeutics, commented: “Smoking costs people their health and eventually their lives, but current technologies like nicotine gums and patches are not effective in enabling smokers to quit permanently because they do not address the cyclical nature of nicotine cravings and offer little to no behavioural support.”

“We believe we have a very compelling technology that will solve many of the problems that make smoking cessation so difficult and working with Sagentia as a product development partner is allowing us to get this to market faster.”