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Apple’s iPhone 6 delivery times decrease considerably

Apple has more stock of its iPhone 6 Plus phablet at its online store, with the wait time for delivery coming down considerably – you now have to wait days, not weeks, to get your shiny new smartphone.

Indeed, C-net spotted that over at the US store, Apple’s “buy now” page lists both iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus with a ship time of three to five days in all colours (and from all carriers) – with one exception. The larger 128GB capacity model of both handsets is still on a seven to ten day wait.

If you hop on over to the UK store, fortunately the same is true for the 16GB and 64GB models, with a three to five day wait listed. And for once, matters are even better when it comes to the top capacity model, as we only have to wait five to seven days for an iPhone 6 or iPhone phablet 128GB edition, a few days less than in the States.

So whatever iPhone model you pick, you’ll have it hopefully within a week or just outside, which is a marked improved as mentioned, particularly on the phablet front where not so long ago a three week wait was still being offered.

Also this week on the iPhone front, an Apple patent came to light whereby the firm is looking, in the future, to produce a handset which can intelligently reorient itself during a fall (using its vibration motor) to land in an optimal position if dropped, hopefully helping to avoid the spectre of a cracked screen. Particularly when Apple introduces tougher sapphire displays into the mix, too.

A shattered £800 iPhone is, of course, a nightmare come to life for many clumsier folks out there, so this truly will be an innovation worth its weight in gold (or indeed silver, or space grey).