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Microsoft to launch PAYG Azure RemoteApp

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp has been available since the beginning of the year as a preview service.

It's a relatively simple concept (although the technology behind it is rather more complex) that allows for the deployment of Windows apps to the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere - even Macs and mobile devices.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Azure RemoteApp will officially launch as a pay-as-you-go service on December 11.

Anyone who is already working with the preview will be automatically moved to a 30-day trial version, and after this time a subscription will be needed.

The virtualization service makes it possible for businesses to use a single app on multiple platforms, reducing the time and money that needs to be spent on development and deployment.

The ability to host apps on Microsoft's servers helps to reduces costs as well as eliminating the need for multiple platform-specific versions of apps.

Microsoft explains: "Azure RemoteApp provides an effective solution for application delivery: Applications run in the Azure cloud and are accessed through the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Your employees can use corporate applications from anywhere and on a variety of devices including iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows platforms.

In addition, on the back end, the applications are securely managed, automatically scaling up or down to meet the changing needs of your businesses.

Different pricing structures are available to cater for different needs:

Target user Task worker Information worker
Applications Lightweight LOB / data entry applications (e.g. Simple web apps) Productivity applications (e.g. Office)
Storage (user) 50 GB 50 GB
Starting price (user/month) $10 $15
Hours included in starting price (month) 40 40
Hourly overage rate (Hour) $0.175/hr $0.20/hr
Capped price (user/month) $17 $23