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Check out Amazon's new robot workers in full flow

Earlier in the week, we reported that Amazon has enlisted the help of a 15,00-strong robot army to help with the build-up to Christmas, the busiest online shopping period of the year.

The online retailer has spent over $700 million (£450 million) on the robots provided by Kiva Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of

Amazon received a fair amount of criticism last Christmas for failing to deliver items on time, so the company will be hoping that the same thing doesn't happen again this year. But with robots at the helm, what could possibly go wrong?

The robots navigate by scanning coded stickers on the floor and following digital commands that are wirelessly transmitted from a central computer. The system uses bar codes to track which items are on each shelf, so a robot can grab the correct items and deliver them to the relevant worker as orders come in.

They really are impressive little things, so make sure you have a look at the video to see them in action.

Source: Time