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Revealed: The biggest selling iPhone and iPad apps

Apple has announced the best-selling apps and games across its iOS ecosystem, and also made choices for editorial picks – Cupertino’s own top pieces of entertainment.

And interestingly enough, the London-based outfit Ustwogames picked up the best iPad game award from Apple, with Monument Valley, a rather beautifully crafted adventure puzzle game with Escher-like 3D levels.

The developer said: “Thank you to Apple for this tremendous honour. It's been a fantastic year for mobile games.”

Apple also named Threes! as the best iPhone game, a simple numbers-based puzzler, and video editor Replay was crowned the best iPhone app, the Guardian reports.

So what about the actual apps which made the most money on the app store? On the iPhone, the most revenue was raked in by Candy Crush Saga, and then Clash of Clans – with those two freemium games heading the highest grossing iPad apps, just with their positions reversed in the case of Apple’s tablet.

Of course, neither game is new, and they are in fact two years old, yet ever-popular. Almost all of the apps in the top grossing chart, nine out of ten across iPhone and iPad, were freemium efforts relying on in-app purchases and ad money.

As for the best-selling straightforward paid-for app on the iPhone, that was Minecraft: Pocket Edition, followed by 7 Minute Workout Challenge, and Heads Up!

Free iPhone apps saw predictable domination from the big messaging apps – Facebook Messenger was top, as ever, followed by WhatsApp Messenger, and then Snapchat. The Facebook app itself was fourth.