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'Hack Sony' week continues: Playstation Network down

A group of hackers has claimed responsibility for a cyber-attack on the PlayStation online shop that happened early this morning.

Visitors to the websites PlayStation Network and PlayStation store were surprised to see, instead of the usual website, a message saying “Page not found. It’s not you. It’s the Internet’s fault”.

A group calling themselves “Lizard Squad” appeared to take responsibility for the attack by posting a tweet saying “PSN Login #offline #LizardSquad”.

This is just one in a series of cyber-attacks that Sony has been facing recently. Last week, hackers leaked unfinished movies online, as well as classified information about the actors’ pays and various employee information.

A Japanese company, “Hollywood film studios’ corporate network,” also got hacked last month.

Sony Entertainment Network posted a Tweet saying they’re aware of the problems users are facing on the PlayStation Network, and that they’re working on fixing the issues.

“We’re aware of the issues some users are experiencing, and are working to address them”, it says in the tweet.

The assault happened just days after the gaming console celebrated its 20th anniversary.

The Lizard Squad group also took responsibility for the shutdown of Microsoft Xbox’s website last week when Xbox fought DDoS attacks that prevented players from going online. In a message that will be sure to leave senior figures worries, the hackers took to Twitter again to warn that this was only a “warmup”, compared to what’s going to happen on Christmas.

Lizard Squad attacked Sony’s network before. In August, they shut down the PlayStation Network, after attacking games like League of Legends, Warcraft and Runescape.

At the time of writing, both sites were still down, so no word yet on when exactly everything will be up and running.