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Prana wearable aims to impart breathing techniques for better health

Wearables are, of course, big news right now, and there’s been an explosion of various fitness bands and smartwatches, although there are also more innovative and different devices emerging – like Prana.

Prana is a small circular device which clips on to the top of your trousers (or skirt), and is billed as the “world’s most advanced breath and posture tracker”.

Essentially, when clipped on it uses a 3-axis accelerometer to measure your breathing patterns, and whether or not you’re slouching (which is bad for your posture, of course, and also for your breathing too). It’s paired up with an Android or iOS app, naturally.

The makers explain: “Building on recent medical studies and ancient Yoga traditions, Prana supports the interconnection between good breathing and good posture for many healthy benefits including reduced stress, better focus, and less back pain.”

Prana can be used in active mode, so you can train to adopt a breathing pattern to various ends such as reduced stress, as mentioned, or better sleep, more energy, lower blood pressure and so forth. Or in passive mode the gadget monitors posture and breathing in the background, sending occasional push alerts to remind you when you’re sitting in a bad position, breathing too shallowly and so forth.

The device (which was spotted by VentureBeat) measures 1.25in x 0.25in, and tracks 10 distinct breath statistics and posture, along with fitness bits and pieces such as your number of steps walked. It also offers games to train breathing for some more entertaining applications, and a seven day battery life.

Pre-orders for Prana will open shortly, with the wearable expected to be available in January 2015 for $150 (£95).

Darren Allan

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