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Save the date: Live telco Twitter Q&A

What if your organisation had the information and insight necessary to delight your customers with every interaction? What if you could proactively provide service to your customers before they even know that they need it?

For many telecommunications companies, this dream is far reaching. They know that they are currently failing to maximise the value of their customer relationships by struggling to embrace new channels of interaction, primarily mobile devices and social media.

These are the channels that are favoured by today's tech-savvy millennial generation and, although they are being adopted by leading companies across multiple industries, telco firms are in danger of falling behind.

Smarter Trends, in association with IBM, will be holding a live Twitter Q&A to discuss how Communications Service Providers can use advanced customer insight to create an exemplary customer experience, with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction, reducing churn and, most importantly, driving new revenue.

The telco Q&A session will feature three industry experts and will be taking place on Wednesday 10 December at 3pm GMT. Follow the hashtag #IBMTelcoChat to get involved or, to submit your questions ahead of the event, follow this link and complete the question form.