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A New IT Architecture For A New Era: The Software-Defined Data Center

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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The mobile-cloud era brings with it an exponential increase in business expectations. IT departments are challenged to respond. Often we lack the ability to deliver applications and services at the speed and scale required.

It’s time to move to a new way to do IT—an architecture engineered to serve billions of mobile consumers with millions of new applications and services. A highly automated, easily managed platform that embraces all applications, for deployment across data centers, clouds and mobile devices.

This new architecture is the Software-Defined Data Center: radically simpler IT that gives your business unprecedented agility, speed, security and control. It’s the platform of the future, and it’s here today. Customers worldwide are evolving to the Software-Defined Data Center with VMware products and services, and are already enjoying its benefits.

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