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Celebrity's personal details leaked by Sony Pictures hackers

You can’t have missed all the controversy surrounding the hacking of Sony Pictures this week, and the affair continues to boil on with a fresh release of supposedly pilfered details pertaining to film stars.

This comes courtesy of the so-called Guardians of Peace (GOP), hackers who are thought (at least by some) to have links to North Korea – although officials from the latter have flatly denied the accusation that Sony has been targeted by them due to the movie The Interview (which has a plot revolving around the assassination of the leader of North Korea).

At any rate, the Telegraph reports that the latest leak of info hackers pillaged from Sony Pictures includes phone numbers for Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, and details of aliases various film stars travel under (including the cover names of Daniel Craig, Natalie Portman and Sarah Michelle Gellar).

The hackers have also spilled four unreleased Sony Pictures movies online, and all manner of other personal data on various celebrities and Sony employees, including the likes of salaries and bonuses, medical conditions and all sorts of bits and pieces.

As well as Sony Pictures, Sony’s PlayStation Network has also been targeted this week, with the Lizard Squad hacktivist group jumping on the bandwagon in order to grab some of the anti-Sony limelight while the going is good.