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Apps, Data and Desktops protected, managed and delivered – Any Place, Any Device

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Key trends driving a new era of IT infrastructure
  • IT pain points
  • Purpose-built, scalable building blocks for apps, data and desktops
  • Improved business continuity with distributed high-availability architecture

Virtualization has matured but it has also built up many layers of complexities. The traditional solutions are stretched even further in the new era of mobility and cloud. The IT buyers in this new era demand decentralization of infrastructure, and small scalable building blocks that are inherently secure. They want apps, data and desktops protected, managed and delivered anywhere, in any place and on any device- Without limitations and definitely without an infrastructure bloat.
Overland Storage, along with Sphere3D, brings breakthrough containerized software technology delivered via purpose built, drop-in-ready hyper converged appliances for desktops and apps delivery on private, public and hybrid clouds. Combined with a scalable, software-defined storage infrastructure, customers can now build an end-to-end solution from apps and desktops that is securely delivered at any place on any device to the data storage solutions that are inherently protected and scalable to meet the stringent of IT requirements.

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