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Back to the Future of WiFi what's here now and what you need to know about what's next

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • How WiFi technology can streamline your marketing campaigns and help you engage with your customers
  • How carriers can counteract the huge increase in data consumption by offloading data from cellular networks to WiFi
  • Making the Internet of Things a reality: what's the next stage in our roadmap to make guest WiFi work with people and things
  • Live examples of how Purple customers are using location based services over WiFi

Last year Kerry from Purple WiFi spoke about 'The Future of Guest WiFi'. So we're going Back to the Future again, but blimey, how much things have changed in a year. This year we will be showing you how we've been using Location based services over WiFi to help engage customers, how we are working with carriers and show you some of the neat things we are working on for the not so distant future, e.g. enabling our WiFi to work with both people and things.

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