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Behind the scenes: Kantars quest to improve their web-based reporting system

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Kantar's account of how they achieved up to 450% application performance improvement in China
  • No dedicated network just public internet
  • Reduced costs by consolidating into central data centre
  • Simplified management of the applications

Kantar Worldpanel’s WorldpanelOnline (WPO) service is their primary reporting system for data collected from consumers globally. Insights gained from WPO are relied on by major companies in FMCG, impulse, fashion, telecommunications and entertainment industries. WPO was established on a traditional model of multiple data centres combined with a CDN solution. It became clear that they were encountering poor performance for WPO in Asia (particularly China) and suffering unnecessary costs and limitations from having multiple data centres. They trialled Akamai’s Terra Alta product and found that not only did it greatly improve the performance but proved they could reduce costs by closing a data centre in Singapore and stopped the use of their existing CDN. Akamai enables this by not just relying on traditional CDN caching but by understanding that enterprise applications need advanced acceleration and offload techniques whilst also ensuring it is easy to use and manageable by existing staff.

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