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Beyond location: Making the data centre part of the IT solution

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Hear about the pervasive way the digital revolution is impacting all of our lives
  • Learn why the data centre is currently behaving like a property rather than a part of the IT stack
  • Get an insight into the transformation that is taking place to the infrastructure that supports the private part of the hybrid cloud world we all now live in
  • Learn how can you manage your data centre capacity at each stage of the IT journey toward SDDC

Stuart explores the pervasive way in which IT and the digital revolution have entered into our everyday lives. ‘Making the data centre part of the IT solution’, goes on to detail the changes occurring in the typical IT architecture. These changes are driven by both the challenge of managing the increasing levels of data processing and storage needed to power today’s businesses and the need to reduce costs. It discusses the evolution of the data centre with IT spread across a range of private and public cloud services. Stuart details his vision for how Infinity’s ‘Infinite’ data centre is designed to support companies through their IT transformation, de-risking infrastructure investment and facilitating in-life rebalancing of platforms and infrastructure through flexible and agile outsourcing. In short, truly “Making the data centre part of the IT solution, not just the place where it resides.”

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