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Big Data and Analytics: Customer behavioural patterns for Retail Industry using Visual Data

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • How do you analyse visual data
  • How do you aggregate visual and sensor data to frame more insights
  • How do you profile customers coming to store using visual data
  • What are the use cases in visual analytics that can applied retail, pos, self services machines and adboards

Millions of cameras in retail stores capture thousands of hours of video every minute. Most of this video content is not being analysed, adding to that multiple stores and point of sales which are not even being monitored.Capturing and analysing the data for their shoppers behaviour and improving the effectiveness of their merchandising can have great impact on the sales of the company. When this video content is further augmented with other sensor data generated by IoT devices one can acquire more insights into customer behaviour.

In this seminar we will exchange some ideas on how we can bring in different technologies together to analyse the visual data and sensor data, to understand the customer behaviour and improve marketing and merchandising in retail industry

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