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Big Data and Analytics in Retail:Gaining Customer Insight

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • How M&S are moving data to the heart of the business
  • Why big data is such a big deal
  • The challenges being faced in that journey
  • The technology being used as a catalyst for change

The key to success of every retailer is to know and understand the customer. The Big Data revolution presents both challenge and opportunity. Retail data is often stored in silos, so it's difficult to correlate data about customer purchases, marketing campaign results, and online browsing behaviour. By using Big Data technologies retailers can now analyse both structured and un-structured data in order to provide:
- marketing attribution analysis of purchases
- in-depth analysis of customer purchasing paths
- basket/cart assessment of both on-line and POS data
- social media analysis
This session will look at the journey M&S have been on and have ahead in using data to help turn it from a traditional British high street retailer to a global, multi-channel retailer. It will explore the impact on culture, technology, ways of working and capabilities needed to drive the change.

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