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Cloud factories and automating the Internet assembly line with open source software and DevOps

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Viewer Takeaways

  • Configuration management is incomplete without full infrastructure control
  • Modern clouds and Web-scale applications are governed by a new set of rules
  • Fast systems automation at scale is imperative in the new data center
  • Containers will become VM sprawl part deux unless deployed and managed appropriately

SaltStack maintains Salt, one of the largest open source projects in the world used for infrastructure automation, configuration management and cloud orchestration. SaltStack is the infrastructure glue that helps all the data center things, both old and new, work together at scale to create modern cloud and better Internet applications. Blink and you miss the latest. Software is the new robot on the Internet assembly line used to automate DevOps tasks and IT workflows. Tom will provide a quick overview of the SaltStack systems management platform and share how SaltStack is used in the modern cloud factory for lightweight control of hybrid clouds and automation for data center infrastructure. Tom’s talk will also highlight the need for speed and scale in DevOps and outline the benefits of automation glue from the perspective of new open source technologies like Kubernetes, Docker and OpenStack.

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