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Cloudera and an EDH: Enabling a 360degree View of the Insider Threat

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Data fusion and discovery across wide array of insider threat mission data
  • Converged analytics like link analysis and text analytics on single source data
  • Scalable, full-fidelity data acquisition from full packet capture to sensor and imaging data
  • Operational data protection and investigative chain of custody

Combating the insider threat demands sophisticated and comprehensive monitoring and analysis. Organisations must look beyond data loss prevention and include the psychology of the actor to truly understand the mind of the deceptive. By fusing silos of data, the security analysis can begin the journey to a 360º view of their mission – yet only 16% of agencies consider big data analytics for this job.
With Cloudera and an enterprise data hub (EDH) built on Apache Hadoop™, organisations gain a central, secure, and cost-efficient place to store and analyze the vast and varied data of this mission. From full packet capture and imaging to text analytics and link analysis, security analysts can improve their insider threat mission outcomes with the scalable, full-fidelity data capture and converged analytics of an EDH.
Join Cloudera and see a demonstration of how organisations can employ an EDH to gain unprecedented visibility, depth, and computing for the insider threat mission.

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