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Consolidate, Virtualise, Integrate, Cloudify - 2014 Data Centre Imperatives

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Consolidate your resources and applications
  • Virtualise your servers, storage, networking and applications
  • Integrate the elements into systems for simplicity
  • Cloudify your data centre for elasticity and flexibility

Data centre development is often driven by the users’ intentions - In particular to:

  • Consolidate – picking a smaller number of standard platforms and reducing the instances of similar applications
  • Virtualise – moving beyond one application per server to a number of virtual machines running on each; the adoption of Software Defined Storage and Networking is closely aligned
  • Integrate – simplifying infrastructure components onto unified platforms, often from a single system supplier in order to increase business agility
  • Cloudify – mixing on and off premise resources in an efficient and secure way

We’re going to use our extensive research to look at the balance between IT budgets, industry mega trends and organisation priorities – and to forecast the main areas of concern and investment users should consider I building the data centre of the future.

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