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Cyber-attacks have evolved - Have your security defences -LogRhythm

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Enhance Security Intelligence through existing security technologies maximising investments and resources
  • Prepare and respond to an advanced attack or breach WHEN it happens thus mitigating risk and avoiding downtime
  • Maintain compliancy by protecting sensitive data like customer details, patents and commercially sensitive contracts
  • Define what ‘normal’ behaviour is across users, networks, systems and applications to quickly identify the source and nature of an attack

For today’s organisations there is a constant need to balance between protection of sensitive data, productivity, efficiency and the resource needed to finance and implement those solutions. Cyber-crime is soaring to unprecedented levels and many organisations are beginning to realise that data breaches are now inevitable and with companies such as eBay and PaddyPower targeted and the impact of the Heartbleed bug, the need to detect and prevent network attacks, data theft and compromised resources grows greater each day.
We are seeing a shift in the way businesses are addressing network security – more are realising that traditional standalone IT security solutions, such as antivirus, are an inadequate defence against cyber threats. While perimeter security measures still have a role in reactively defending networks, they will not stop the sophisticated hacks that we are seeing today. Instead, monitoring and remediation technologies and understanding what ‘normal’ activity is has become more important in the proactive defence of IT networks. What’s needed is an integrated solution that gives real-time network visibility and creates actionable security intelligence

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