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Defending the World's Most Secure Enterprises - Lieberman Software

This article was originally published on Technology.Info.
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Viewer Takeaways

  • Understand the attackers’ tactics
  • Learn from actual breaches, how they could have been avoided
  • Uncover the Achilles heel of Cyber attackers
  • Discover how you can reduce the risks of a security breachDiscover how you can reduce the risks of a security breach

Today we live in a world where both we and our businesses are under constant attack, and where any information has a market value. No one is immune from attacks, whether an international conglomerate developing sophisticated military technology, or the pensioner who uses social media to communicate with distant family. This presentation is intended to provide all categories of user with advice on how they can take basic steps to protect themselves and their organisations from being the victims of a cyber-attack.

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